Saturday, 13 August 2016

Serge DSG - Dual Universal Slope Generator as an oscillator

Sounds like a spaceship taking off.

I'm revisiting the serge after a very long break.
That DSG (DUSG) is wonderful. Here I'm using it as a VCO but it can be
so many things: clock, pulse divider, envelope follower, Filter, AR Envelope Generator, VCA, LFO, CV & slew limiting processor.

To use as a oscillator you need to patch the "gate out" into the "input" or into the "trigger in".

There are two outputs : Bipolar & classic.
I've patched one into a triple waveshaper (TWS) and the second into a wave multiplier.

It's great esp when used in series as each waveshaper adds a fold to the waveform.
See Ken Stones site:
The TWS will transform a sawtooth wave into a sine wave.

There are 3 sections to this wavemultiplier. Each is different.
The top section has two settings. "Lo" ... behaves like a linear VCA.
or "Hi"... clips or squares up incoming waves....good for distortion.

Middle: It gives odd harmonics which sound like wind instruments.
These odd harmonics are often described as "rough" or "dissonant".
I still like the sound ... filter like & full of resonance. The waveforms appear to be clipped using a series of diodes.

Bottom: "performs non-linear wavehaping known as full-wave rectification". (Ken Stone). It gives even harmonics.
Even harmonics generally sound more 'musical' because the original note is reproduced, although 1 or more octaves higher.

The wave multiplier is really powerful timbre modifier. ... and in such a small package.
It's ability to produce odd & even harmonics makes it very musical.
Kind of like the Buchla 296. Though this is more of a filter.

In the late 1960's Buchla made the 148 Harmonic Generator. It used waveshapers to create 9 harmonics above the fundamental. The even harmonics are created with full wave rectifiers just like in the bottom section of the Serge Wave Multiplier.
And the odd harmonics also use diodes as in the middle section of the Serge WM. 
I don't own a 148 (it's extremely rare), but the closest I have is Verbos' Harmonic Oscillator, the 262v.

Sat Jam - Buchla-R Format

This jam is some of our preparation for an upcoming concert (Sat 17th Sept) being held
by New Sound Waves.

Paul (Cobramatic) & I are planning to use a Buchla Music Easel & some Roman & MP Buchla format modules.
This section is just of the Buchla format stuff.
Modules used: 212r (Dodecca), 259r, 248r, 158p, 144p, 205r, 295r, 206r.


212r, 205r mixer, 295r filter, 144p VCO.

158p VCO

Strymon Reverb & Delay

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

NLC Bong0 - Drum - Build notes

These are my build notes for the Bong0.
Its a Eurorack module from Non-Linear Circuits

"The bong0 is a twin-T based drum module with a LED acting as a nonlinear resistor to give it some interesting characteristics.
The trigger input acts as a normal input to get your drum sound. The input marked ‘in’ can also be used, or you can jam a CV in there, or a gate or audio. You can just use the ‘in’ input without anything into the trigger.

Bong0 can also be used for basslines, drones and as a crude but useful VCO. It has about 20 passive components which are 0805 smd and 1 thru-hole TL072, meaning it is a good circuit for learning to solder smd parts and delivers way more fun than such a simple module should." (Andrew F).

More Links:
1. Muffs
2. Build notes (NLC)
3. Panel art
4. NLC Blog

"Not a smoking implement" - NLC words of wisdom.

The pots are linear 100K

NLC 1006 filter

This is based on the ARP 1006 filter.... from the ARP 2500.
The ARP1006 is called the Filtramp.... the NLC version doesn't have the Amp bit.
It's just a prototype - the panel is an extra Andrew had left over for the NLC Serious Filter.

The world doesn't have enough ladder filters. I really love this version and can't wait to compare it to a vintage 1006. The NLC 1006 contains a two input audio mixer & a voltage controlled 24db/oct low pass filter. The cutoff frequency may be varied with control voltages or by the front panel Fc control.

Guitar Fool have schematics and a BOM of the 1006.

This is a scan of an old ARP-2500 manual of mine.


For more info:

More NLC words of wisdom

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Segue - NLC - VC panner/crossfader

These are my build notes for the Nonlinearcircuits Segue.

Its a very versatile unit. a VC panner, VC cross-fader, VCA and VC attenuator, process CV and audio.
Plus should be a easy build.  Though there are plenty of SMDs, they are all passive.

Andrew describes this as a "kind of hybrid between a Buchla 207 panner and a Korg PS3200 VCA".

Useful links:
1. Andrew's Blog
2. Youtube 1 - Wear Headphones
3. NLC build notes

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

NonLinearCircuits - Dual Drums Build notes.

These are my build notes for the NLC Double drum module.
Andrew did include the Dual Drum in one of his 4U drum panels

I plan to put this in with my Buchla. I don't have a face plate so will make that too.

From Andrew's notes:
"The core design was originally (used) in a Japanese DIY
magazine from the late 70s and was intended as a standalone, self
—contained device to be used with a drum kit. 

The cool thing about this module is that it uses an envelope detector
so most input signals should trigger this.

 firstly the virgin PCB.

I usually solder the SMDs first ... to both sides of the PCB.

The 22n SMD should be a 22k resistor?

BC547 --- NPN transistor - four needed --- the unlabeled trannies on PCB
BC557 --- PNP transistor - just two needed.... marked as pnp on the pcb.
Diodes - I'm using 1N414s

The unmarked caps are for the decoupling caps - using 47nf ceramics.

Time to make the panel. It's something a bit out of the square, ..... a half size Buchla panel.

The rear of the panel.

The 1k LED resistors seen to work fine.

First tests:

Some useful links:
1. Andrew's build notes.
2. Drum Panel (8)
3. Youtube 1 - Drum 
4.  Youtube 2 - Dual Drum Module
5. NLC Blog 1 - Dual Drums & Dr Go Go 
6. Youtube 3 - Dual Drums & Dr Go Go 
7. NLC Blog 2 - Dual Drum Module

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

New Sound Waves - Synth Meet - Sunday 26 June

107 Redfern St, Redfern.

Another fun arvo with my friends from New Sound Waves. 1

video 2

Korg 911 Guitar synthesizer

video 3
 These Metro Modular modules look great. They are on my to buy list.
Justin, their designer was at the meeting. Very helpful in explaining them. The filters esp sound great. Based on old Aires schematics, with oodles of modulation points.

 And, like wow... Paul A shows up with not one, but two Plumbutters. OMG.

Built by Ciat- Lonbarde its true what the blurb says ... its a drum & drama machine.

"My face is a psycho-geographical map of the cities of Baltimore and Cleveland.....
You can see my wild spaces are represented by a deer-horn,...

 and my downtown by a factory, and in between, a vast swath of suburban developments. 

It is a gradient of these three areas- urban, suburban, and rural- that informs my electronic synthesis. "

I'll upload videos soon.